Brain Responsive Learning Environment

The environment teachers, parents, coaches and leaders create and the strategies they implement are critical to the motivation and engagement of the learner and the mastery of the skills and objectives that are in place.

Recent research indicates that there are conditions under which the brain grows and learns best. Such conditions elicit a response that stimulates desire and the motivation to engage with the information. Teachers, parents, coaches and leaders play a major role in establishing and maintaining these conditions. They are, in fact, often times the only ones establishing said conditions.

At Teach To The Brain™ we provide the professional development, teaching strategies and related resources that can easily be put to use to create and maintain a brain responsive learning environment. We show you how to incorporate the 12 Essential Brain Responsive Elements™ which are the foundation for success and learning. We also provide 1,001 teaching strategies and more, that will collectively impact the effectiveness of the learning experience and consequently enhance the overall skills and talents of the individuals you serve.

Teach to the Brain and the Heart Will Follow™

TeachtotheBrainFINAL3DBOOKCover1,001 Strategies to Reach the Heart of Every Learner

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This is an educational masterpiece.
- Oprah (will soon say)



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